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Configure IBM License Metric Tool log files

IBM MobileFirst™ Platform Foundation generates IBM® Software License Metric Tag (SLMT) files. Versions of IBM License Metric Tool that support IBM Software License Metric Tag can generate License Consumption Reports. Read this to understand how to configure the location and the maximum size of the generated files.


By default, the IBM Software License Metric Tag files are in the following directories:

If the directories are not writable, the files are created in the log directory of the application server that runs the MobileFirst runtime environment.

We can configure the location and management of those files with the following properties:

To change the default values, we must create a Java™ property file, with the format key=value, and provide the path to the properties file through the license_metric_logger_configuration JVM property.

For more information about IBM License Metric Tool reports, see Integration with IBM License Metric Tool.

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