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WebSphere Application Server SSL configuration and HTTP adapters

By setting a property, we can let HTTP adapters benefit from WebSphere® SSL configuration.

By default, HTTP adapters do not use WebSphere SSL by concatenating the Java™ Runtime Environment (JRE) truststore with the IBM MobileFirst™ Platform Server keystore, which is described in Configuring the MobileFirst Server keystore. See Configuring SSL between MobileFirst adapters and back-end servers by using self-signed certificates.

To have HTTP adapters use the WebSphere SSL configuration, set the ssl.websphere.config JNDI property to true. The setting has the following effects in order of precedence:

  1. Adapters running on WebSphere use the WebSphere keystore and not the IBM MobileFirst Platform Server keystore.
  2. If the ssl.websphere.alias property is set, the adapter uses the SSL configuration that is associated with the alias as set in this property.

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