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MobileFirst Server push service configuration details

The push service is packaged as a WAR application for us to deploy to the application server. You need to make some specific configurations for this application in the server.xml file.

Before proceeding, review Manual installation on WebSphere Application Server Liberty for the configuration details that are common to all services.

The push service WAR file is in mfp_install_dir/PushService/mfp-push-service.war.

You must define the context root as /imfpush. Otherwise, the client devices cannot connect to it as the context root is hardcoded in the SDK.

Mandatory JNDI properties

When we define the JNDI properties, the JNDI names must be prefixed with the context root of the push service. The following example illustrates the case to declare whereby the push service is installed with /imfpush as the context root:

<jndiEntry jndiName="imfpush/" value="admin"/>

You need to define the following properties:

If MobileFirst Analytics is configured, define the following JNDI properties:

For more information about the JNDI properties, see List of JNDI properties for MobileFirst Server push service.

Data source

The JNDI name of the data source for the push service must be defined as jndiName=imfpush/jdbc/imfPushDS.

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