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Sample configuration files

IBM MobileFirst™ Platform Foundation includes a number of sample configuration files to help you get started with the Ant tasks to install the MobileFirst Server.

The easiest way to get started with these Ant tasks is by working with the sample configuration files provided in the MobileFirstServer/configuration-samples/ directory of the MobileFirst Server distribution. For more information about installing MobileFirst Server with Ant tasks, see Installing with Ant Tasks

List of sample configuration files

Pick the appropriate sample configuration file. The following files are provided

Table 1. Sample configuration files provided with IBM MobileFirst Platform Foundation
Task Derby DB2® MySQL Oracle
Create databases with database administrator credentials create-database-derby.xml create-database-db2.xml create-database-mysql.xml create-database-oracle.xml
Install MobileFirst Server on Liberty configure-liberty-derby.xml configure-liberty-db2.xml configure-liberty-mysql.xml (See Note on MySQL) configure-liberty-oracle.xml
Install MobileFirst Server on WebSphere® Application Server full profile, single server configure-was-derby.xml configure-was-db2.xml configure-was-mysql.xml (See Note on MySQL) configure-was-oracle.xml
Install MobileFirst Server on WebSphere Application Server Network Deployment

(See Note on configuration files)









configure-wasnd-cluster-mysql.xml (See Note on MySQL)

configure-wasnd-server-mysql.xml (See Note on MySQL)

configure-wasnd-node-mysql.xml (See Note on MySQL)






Install MobileFirst Server on Apache Tomcat configure-tomcat-derby.xml configure-tomcat-db2.xml configure-tomcat-mysql.xml configure-tomcat-oracle.xml
Install MobileFirst Server on Liberty collective Not relevant configure-libertycollective-db2.xml configure-libertycollective-mysql.xml configure-libertycollective-oracle.xml

Note on MySQL: : MySQL in combination with WebSphere Application Server Liberty profile or WebSphere Application Server full profile is not classified as a supported configuration. For more information, see WebSphere Application Server Support Statement. Consider using IBM® DB2 or another database that is supported by WebSphere Application Server to benefit from a configuration that is fully supported by IBM Support.

Note on configuration files for WebSphere Application Server Network Deployment: The configuration files for wasnd contain a scope that can be set to cluster, node, server, or cell. For example, for configure-wasnd-cluster-derby.xml, the scope is cluster. These scope types define the deployment target as follows:

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