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Deploying the Application Center Console and Services with Ant tasks

Use Ant tasks to deploy the Application Center Console and Services to an application server, and configure data sources, properties, and database drivers that are used by Application Center.

Before you begin


  1. Copy the Ant file that corresponds both to our application server, and your DBMS. The files for configuring Application Center are named after the following pattern:


  2. Edit the Ant file, and replace the placeholder values with the properties at the beginning of the file.
  3. Run the following command to deploy the Application Center Console and Services to an application server:

    ant -f configure-appcenter-<appserver>-<dbms>.xml install We can find the Ant command in mf_server_install_dir/shortcuts.

    Note: With these Ant files, we can also do the following actions:

    • Uninstall Application Center, with the target uninstall.
    • Update Application Center with the target minimal-update, to apply a fix pack.
  4. Save the Ant file. You might need it later to apply a fix pack or perform an upgrade. If you do not want to save the passwords, we can replace them by "************" (12 stars) for interactive prompting.
  5. If you installed on WebSphere Application Server Liberty profile, or Apache Tomcat, check that the aapt program is executable for all users. If needed, we must set the proper user rights. For example, on UNIX / Linux systems:

    $ chmod a+x mf_server_install_dir/ApplicationCenter/tools/android-sdk/*/aapt*

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