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Managing users with LDAP

Use the Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) registry to manage users.

LDAP is a way to centralize the user management for multiple web applications in an LDAP Server that maintains a user registry. It can be used instead of specifying one by one the users for the security roles appcenteradmin and appcenteruser.

If you plan to use an LDAP registry with the Application Center, we must configure your WebSphere® Application Server or your Apache Tomcat server to use an LDAP registry to authenticate users.

In addition to authentication of users, configuring the Application Center for LDAP also enables you to use LDAP to define the users and groups who can install mobile applications through the Application Center. The means of defining these users and groups is the Access Control List (ACL).

Since IBM® Worklight® V6.0, use the JNDI environment entries for defining LDAP configuration properties.

Expert users could configure the application servers to use LDAP authentication by using the methods that were documented in releases before IBM Worklight V6.0.

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