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Configure WebSphere Application Server for Oracle manually for Application Center

If we want to manually set up and configure your Oracle database for Application Center with WebSphere® Application Server, use the following procedure.


Complete the Oracle database setup procedure before continuing.


  1. Determine a suitable directory for the JDBC driver JAR file in the WebSphere Application Server installation directory.

    • For a standalone server, we can use a directory such as WAS_INSTALL_DIR/optionalLibraries/IBM/Worklight/oracle.
    • For deployment to a WebSphere Application Server ND cell, use WAS_INSTALL_DIR/profiles/profile-name/config/cells/cell-name/Worklight/oracle.
    • For deployment to a WebSphere Application Server ND cluster, use WAS_INSTALL_DIR/profiles/profile-name/config/cells/cell-name/clusters/cluster-name/Worklight/oracle.
    • For deployment to a WebSphere Application Server ND node, use WAS_INSTALL_DIR/profiles/profile-name/config/cells/cell-name/nodes/node-name/Worklight/oracle.
    • For deployment to a WebSphere Application Server ND server, use WAS_INSTALL_DIR/profiles/profile-name/config/cells/cell-name/nodes/node-name/servers/server-name/Worklight/oracle.

    If this directory does not exist, create it.

  2. Add the Oracle ojdbc6.jar file downloaded from JDBC and Universal Connection Pool (UCP) to the directory determined in step 1.
  3. Set up the JDBC provider:
    1. In the WebSphere Application Server console, click Resources > JDBC > JDBC Providers.
    2. Select the appropriate scope from the Scope combination box.
    3. Click New.
    4. Complete the JDBC Provider fields as indicated in the following table:

      Table 1. JDBC Provider field values
      Field Value
      Database type Oracle
      Provider type Oracle JDBC Driver
      Implementation type Connection pool data source
      Name Oracle JDBC Driver
    5. Click Next.
    6. Set the class path to the JAR file in the directory determined in step 1, replacing WAS_INSTALL_DIR/profiles/profile-name with the WebSphere Application Server variable reference ${USER_INSTALL_ROOT}
    7. Click Next.

      The JDBC provider is created.

  4. Create a data source for the Worklight database:
    1. Click Resources > JDBC > Data sources.
    2. Select the appropriate scope from the Scope combination box.
    3. Click New.
    4. Set Data source name to Oracle JDBC Driver DataSource.
    5. Set JNDI name to jdbc/AppCenterDS.
    6. Click Next.
    7. Click Select an existing JDBC provider and select Oracle JDBC driver from the list.
    8. Click Next.
    9. Set the URL value to jdbc:oracle:thin:@oserver:1521:ORCL, where oserver is the host name of your Oracle server (for example, localhost, if it is on the same machine).
    10. Click Next twice.
    11. Click Resources > JDBC > Data sources > Oracle JDBC Driver DataSource > Custom properties.
    12. Set oracleLogPackageName to oracle.jdbc.driver.
    13. Set user = APPCENTER.
    14. Set password = APPCENTER_password.
    15. Click OK and save the changes.
    16. In Resources > JDBC > Data sources, select the new data source.
    17. Click WebSphere Application Server data source properties.
    18. Select the Non-transactional data source check box.
    19. Click OK.
    20. Click Save.

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