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Configure Liberty profile for MySQL manually for Application Center

If we want to manually set up and configure your MySQL database for Application Center with WebSphere® Application Server Liberty profile, use the following procedure.

Before you begin

Complete the MySQL database setup procedure before continuing.

Note: MySQL in combination with WebSphere Application Server Liberty profile or WebSphere Application Server full profile is not classified as a supported configuration. For more information, see WebSphere Application Server Support Statement. We can use IBM® DB2® or another database supported by WebSphere Application Server to benefit from a configuration that is fully supported by IBM Support.


  1. Add the MySQL JDBC driver JAR file to $LIBERTY_HOME/wlp/usr/shared/resources/mysql. If that directory does not exist, create it.
  2. Configure the data source in the $LIBERTY_HOME/usr/servers/worklightServer/server.xml file (worklightServer may be replaced in this path by the name of your server) as follows:

    <!-- Declare the jar files for MySQL access through JDBC. --> <library id="MySQLLib"> <fileset dir="${shared.resource.dir}/mysql" includes="*.jar"/> </library> <!-- Declare the IBM Application Center database. --> <dataSource jndiName="jdbc/AppCenterDS" transactional="false"> <jdbcDriver libraryRef="MySQLLib"/> <properties databaseName="APPCNTR" serverName="mysqlserver" portNumber="3306" user="worklight" password="worklight"/> </dataSource>

    where worklight after user= is the user name, worklight after password= is this user's password, and mysqlserver is the host name of your MySQL server (for example, localhost, if it is on the same machine).

  3. We can encrypt the database password with the securityUtility program in <liberty_install_dir>/bin.

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