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Configure Liberty profile for Derby manually for Application Center

If we want to manually set up and configure your Apache Derby database for Application Center with WebSphereĀ® Application Server Liberty profile, use the following procedure.

Before you begin

Complete the Apache Derby database setup procedure before continuing.


Configure the data source in the $LIBERTY_HOME/usr/servers/worklightServer/server.xml file (worklightServer may be replaced in this path by the name of your server) as follows:

<!-- Declare the jar files for Derby access through JDBC. --> <library id="derbyLib"> <fileset dir="C:/Drivers/derby" includes="derby.jar" /> </library> <!-- Declare the IBM Application Center database. --> <dataSource jndiName="jdbc/AppCenterDS" transactional="false" statementCacheSize="10"> <jdbcDriver libraryRef="derbyLib" javax.sql.ConnectionPoolDataSource="org.apache.derby.jdbc.EmbeddedConnectionPoolDataSource40"/> <properties.derby.embedded databaseName="DERBY_DATABASES_DIR/APPCNTR" user="APPCENTER" shutdownDatabase="false" connectionAttributes="upgrade=true"/> <connectionManager connectionTimeout="180" maxPoolSize="10" minPoolSize="1" reapTime="180" maxIdleTime="1800" agedTimeout="7200" purgePolicy="EntirePool"/> </dataSource>

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