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Working with a response file recorded on a different machine

Instructions for working with response files for IBM® Installation Manager created on another machine to facilitate creating a silent MobileFirst Server installation.


  1. Record a response file, by running IBM Installation Manager in wizard mode and with option -record responseFile on a machine where a GUI is available. For more details, see Record a response file with Installation Manager.
  2. Change the file access rights of the response file to be as restrictive as possible. Step 4 requires that you supply some passwords. If we must prevent other users on the same computer from learning these passwords, we must remove the read permissions of the file for users other than yourself. We can use a command, such as the following examples:

    • On UNIX:

      chmod 600 response-file.xml

    • On Windows:

      cacls response-file.xml /P Administrators:F %USERDOMAIN%\%USERNAME%:F

  3. Similarly, if the server is a WebSphere® Application Server Liberty or Apache Tomcat server, and the server is meant to be started only from your user account, we must also remove the read permissions for users other than yourself from the following file:

    • For WebSphere Application Server Liberty: wlp/usr/servers/<server>/server.xml
    • For Apache Tomcat: conf/server.xml
  4. Modify the response file to take into account differences between the machine on which the response file was created and the target machine.
  5. Install MobileFirst Server by using the response file on the target machine, as described in Install a package silently by using a response file.

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