For up-to-date product documentation, see the IBM MobileFirst Foundation Developer Center.

Install IBM MobileFirst Platform Server

IBM® installations are based on an IBM product called IBM Installation Manager. Install IBM Installation Manager V1.8.4 or later separately before you install IBM MobileFirst™ Platform Foundation.

Important: Ensure that we use IBM Installation Manager V1.8.4 or later. The older versions of Installation Manager are not able to install IBM MobileFirst Platform Foundation V8.0.0 because the postinstallation operations of the product require Java™ 7. The older versions of Installation Manager come with Java 6.

The MobileFirst Server installer copies onto our computer all the tools and libraries required for deploying MobileFirst Server components and optionally the IBM MobileFirst Platform Application Center to your application server.

The following topics include an overview of MobileFirst Server architecture, a getting started tutorial, and the complete information about the installation of MobileFirst Server for production.

Parent topic: Installing and configuring server-side components