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What's new in MobileFirst Server

MobileFirst Server has been redesigned to help reduce the time and cost of deploying and updating your apps. In addition to the redesign of the MobileFirst Server, IBM MobileFirstâ„¢ Platform Foundation expands the number of installation methods available.

The new MobileFirst Server design introduces two new components, MobileFirst Server live update service and MobileFirst Server artifacts.

MobileFirst Server live update service is designed to help reduce the time and cost of incremental updates for our apps. It manages and stores the server-side configuration data of the apps and adapters. We can change or update various parts of your app with rebuilding or redeploying your app:

MobileFirst Server artifacts provide resources for MobileFirst Operations Console. For more information about how the components function, see MobileFirst Server overview.

Along with the redesign of MobileFirst Server, more installation options are now provided. In addition to the manual installation, IBM MobileFirst Platform Foundation gives you two options to install MobileFirst Server in a server farm. We can also install MobileFirst Server in Liberty collective.

Starting with V8.0, we can now install the MobileFirst Server components in a server farm by using Ant tasks, or with the Server Configuration Tool. For more information, see the following topics:

MobileFirst Server V8.0 also supports Liberty collective. For more information about the server topology and various installation methods, see the following topics:

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