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What's new in IBM MobileFirst Analytics

IBM MobileFirstâ„¢ Analytics introduces a redesigned console with information presentation improvements and role-based access controls. The console is also now available in a number of different languages.

The MobileFirst Analytics Console was redesigned to present information in an intuitive and more meaningful fashion, and uses summarized data for some event types.

We can now sign out of the MobileFirst Analytics Console by clicking on the gear icon.

The MobileFirst Analytics Console is now available in the following languages:

The MobileFirst Analytics Console now shows different content based on the security role of the logged-in user.

For more information, see Role-based access control.

Starting with V8.0.0, the MobileFirst Analytics Server uses Elasticsearch Version 1.7.5.

For V8.0.0 Analytics support for web applications was added with the new web analytics client-side API. See individual topics in the Developing the analytics client section for details of available functionality.

Some event types were changed between earlier versions of MobileFirst Analytics Server and V8.0.0. Because of this change, any JNDI properties that were previously configured in your server configuration file must be converted to the new event type.

For more information, see Migration of server properties used by previous versions of MobileFirst Analytics Server.

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