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Set up tag-based notifications

Subscriptions tie together a device registration and a tag. When a device is unregistered from a tag, all associated subscriptions are automatically unsubscribed from the device itself.


In a scenario where there are multiple users of a device, subscriptions should be implemented in mobile applications based on user log-in criteria. For example, the subscribe call is made after a user successfully logs in to an application and the unsubscribe call is made explicitly as part of the logout action handling.

To receive notifications that are targeted to a particular tag, subscribe the application to the tags that you have defined. To set up tag subscriptions, use the methods of the MFPPush class. For native application, use the methods of MFPPush class.


While the tag subscription exists, IBM MobileFirstâ„¢ Platform Foundation can produce push notifications for the subscribed tag.

What to do next

After you have set up tag subscriptions, we can send a notification. For more information, see Tag-based notification section in Sending push notifications.

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