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Using SSL in HTTP adapters

We can use SSL in an HTTP adapter with simple and mutual authentication to connect to back-end services.


Configure the MobileFirst Server to use SSL in an HTTP adapter by performing the steps described here.

Note: SSL represents transport level security, which is independent of basic authentication. It is possible to do basic authentication either over HTTP or HTTPS.


  1. Set the URL protocol of the HTTP adapter to https.
  2. Store SSL certificates in the MobileFirst Server keystore. See Configuring the MobileFirst Server keystore.

SSL with mutual authentication

If we use SSL with mutual authentication, we must also perform the following steps:

  1. Generate your own private key for the HTTP adapter or use one provided by a trusted authority.
  2. If you generated your own private key, export the public certificate of the generated private key and import it into the back-end truststore.
  3. Define an alias and password for the private key in the connectionPolicy element of the adapter-descriptor XML file, adapter.xml. The sslCertificateAlias and sslCertificatePassword subelements are described in HTTP adapter connectionPolicy element.

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