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Add optional iOS frameworks

MobileFirst iOS functionality is provided by a collection of frameworks that can be added to our app. Only one of these frameworks is required (IBMMobileFirstPlatformFoundation). We can add optional frameworks according to the features we want to implement in your app. You reduce the size of the app by including only the frameworks required by your chosen features.

For an existing MobileFirst Xcode project , we can add frameworks manually by linking the frameworks in Xcode or by using Cocoapods.

Table 1. Optional frameworks for iOS
Feature Frameworks (linked in the Link Binary with Libraries list in the Build Phases tab)
JSONStore IBMMobileFirstPlatformFoundationJSONStore


In addition, import the IBMMobileFirstPlatformFoundationJSONStore header to our code. For more information on setup, see JSONStore.

OpenSSL openssl


For more information on OpenSSL, see Enabling OpenSSL for iOS

Push IBMMobileFirstPlatformFoundationPush

For more information, see Push notification.

In addition, import the IBMMobileFirstPlatformFoundationPush header to our code.

watchOS IBMMobileFirstPlatformFoundationWatchOS. The watchOS framework requires a different structure for the Xcode project. For information on adding the watchOS framework, see Adding watchOS frameworks.

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