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WatchOS 2 limitations

The MobileFirst SDK for watchOS 2 does not support all MobileFirst features.


The optional frameworks that add features to the MobileFirst app are not provided for watchOS 2 development. Some other features are limited by constraints imposed by the watchOS 2 or Apple Watch device.

Table 1. watchOS 2 non-supported features
openSSL not supported
JSONStore no supported
push not supported
message alerts displayed by the MobileFirst code not supported
application-authenticity validation not compatible with bitcode, and therefore not supported
remote disable/notify requires customization (see below)
usernames/password security check use the pin code security check (see Setting up MobileFirst security for the iPhone app and the watchOS 2 app)

Remote disable/notify

With the IBM MobileFirst Platform Operations Console, we can configure the IBM MobileFirst Platform Server to disable access (and return a message) to client applications based on the version they are running (see Remotely disabling application access to protected resources). Two options provide default UI alerts:

For watchOS 2:

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