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Troubleshooting push notification problems

Find information to help resolve push notification issues that you might encounter.

iOS push notification

The push notification fails to send, and you see the following exception in the server log:

com.notnoop.exceptions.InvalidSSLConfig: Error in loading the keystore: Private key decryption error: ( Illegal key size) at com.notnoop.apns.internal.Utilities.newSSLContext( at at<init>( ...

Actions to take

  1. Download the unrestricted version of the JCE policy files.
    1. Log in to Unrestricted SDK JCE policy files.
    2. Select Unrestricted JCE Policy files for SDK for all newer versions (Version 1.4.2 and higher).
    3. Click Continue and finish the download process.

      The .zip archive contains the following files:

      • readme.txt
      • local_policy.jar
      • US_export_policy.jar
  2. Update the JCE policy files for the server environment.
    1. Stop the server.
    2. Use the new local_policy.jar file and the new US_export_policy.jar file to replace the old local_policy.jar file and the US_export_policy.jar file that are found in the <jdk_path>/jre/lib/security folder.

      Note: The <jdk_path> might be bundled with the server.

    3. Restart the server.

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