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Store internals

See an example of how JSONStore data is stored.

The key elements in this simplified example:


Table 1. Contents of a store in JSONStore
_id key name age JSON
1 c carlos 99 {name: 'carlos', age: 99}
2 t time 100 {name: 'tim', age: 100}

When we search by using one of the following queries or a combination of them: {_id : 1}, {name: 'carlos'}, {age: 99}, {key: 'c'}, the returned document is {_id: 1, json: {name: 'carlos', age: 99} }.

The other internal JSONStore fields are:

Determines whether the document was marked as dirty or not. This field is useful to track changes to the documents. For more information, see JSONStore API concepts or Work with external data.
Marks a document as deleted or not. This field is useful to remove objects from the collection, to later use them to track changes with your backend and decide whether to remove them or not.
A string that reflects the last operation to be performed on the document (for example, replace).

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