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Broadcast notifications

Broadcast notifications are notification messages that are targeted to all the devices that have the IBM MobileFirst™ Platform Foundation application installed and configured for push notifications.

Broadcast notifications are enabled by default with any IBM MobileFirst Platform Foundation application that is enabled for push notification. For more information about configuring your application for push notifications, see push notifications to mobile devices via the MobileFirst Server. We can set up push notifications on Android and iOS.">Setting up push notifications.

Any IBM MobileFirst Platform Foundation application that is enabled for push notification has a predefined subscription to the Push.ALL tag, which is used by MobileFirst Server to broadcast notification messages to all the devices. To disable broadcast notification for native app, use unsubscribetag method of MFPPush class, with the tag name Push.ALL.

If we want to disable broadcast notification for hybrid app, use the unsubscribetag method of MFPPush class. To disable broadcast notification for Android native, use the unsubscribetag method of Java™ client-side push API for Android apps.

For more information about sending broadcast notification, see Broadcast notification section in push notifications from the server.">Sending push notifications.

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