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MobileFirst Java adapters

With IBM MobileFirstâ„¢ Platform Foundation, we can create, test, and deploy adapters that are written in Javaâ„¢.

For more general information about MobileFirst adapters, see Adapters overview.

Benefits of MobileFirst Java adapters

In addition to benefits that adapters provide in general, Java adapters also provide these:

The Java adapter framework

Figure 1 illustrates how a mobile device can access any Java adapter from its REST endpoint. The REST interface is protected by the MobileFirst OAuth security filter, meaning that the client needs to obtain an access token to access the adapter resources. Each of the resources of the adapter has its own URL, so it is possible to protect MobileFirst endpoints using any firewall. The REST interface invokes the Java code (JAX-RS service) to handle incoming requests. The Java code can perform operations on the server by using the Java MobileFirst Server API. In addition, the Java code can connect to the enterprise system to fetch data, update data, or perform any other operation that the enterprise system exposes.

Figure 1. The Java adapter framework

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