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JSONStore analytics

We can enable the collection of analytics information for Android and iOS.


We can collect key pieces of analytics information that are related to JSONStore with the MobileFirst platform.

File information
File information is collected once per application session if the JSONStore API is called with the analytics flag set to true. An application session is defined as loading the application into memory and removing it from memory. We can use this information to determine how much space is being used by JSONStore content in the application.
Performance metrics
Performance metrics are collected every time a JSONStore API is called with information about the start and end times of an operation. We can use this information to determine how much time various operations take in milliseconds.



JSONStoreOpenOptions* options = [JSONStoreOpenOptions new]; [options setAnalytics:YES]; [[JSONStore sharedInstance] openCollections:@[...] withOptions:options error:nil];


JSONStoreInitOptions initOptions = new JSONStoreInitOptions(); initOptions.setAnalytics(true); WLJSONStore.getInstance(...).openCollections(..., initOptions);


This example applies only when the application is running on the Android or iOS environments.

var options = { analytics : true }; WL.JSONStore.init(..., options);

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