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Client property file for Windows 10 Universal Windows Platform and Windows 8 Universal

This file defines the properties that your native app for Windows 10 Universal Windows Platform (UWP) and Windows 8 Universal requires to use the MobileFirst native API.

The mfpclient.resw client property file contains the necessary data to use the MobileFirst API for Windows 8 Universal. This file is added to our Visual Studio project, when you add the MobileFirst NuGet package. For more information, see Adding the MobileFirst SDK by using NuGet.

You must define the properties of this client property file before you use it in your native app for Windows 8 Universal.

The following table lists the properties of the mfpclient.resw file, their descriptions, and possible examples for their values.

Table 1. Properties and values of the mfpclient.resw file
Property Description Example values
wlServerProtocol The communication protocol with the MobileFirst Server. The wlServerProtocol property value can be https or http. In production, use https. http or https.
wlServerHost The public URL of the MobileFirst Server or of the cluster of MobileFirst Server. The host name must be accessible from the mobile devices. Do not use localhost, even for development tests, or your device or device simulators cannot reach the server. or for tests an IP address, for example
wlServerPort The port of the MobileFirst Server, for the protocol specified in wlServerProtocol. 9080 for the HTTP port of the MobileFirst Development Server.
wlServerContext The context root of the runtime component of MobileFirst Server that the app is registered to. The context root of the default runtime component is /mfp/. /mfp/
wlAppId The Package Identity Name, as registered in the MobileFirst Operations Console. Myapp.WindowsPhone

Note: The client property file is placed in the following path: strings/mfpclient.resw.

When we register your app to a server with mfpdev app register, the client property file is automatically updated. For more information about registering the app with mfpdev, see Registering Windows applications from the MobileFirst Platform CLI.

We can also update the client property file with mfpdev app config. For more information, type mfpdev help app config.

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