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Install the MobileFirst Platform CLI

Install the IBM MobileFirstâ„¢ Platform Command Line Interface (CLI) so that we can use the CLI to develop your app.

Before you begin



We can install the CLI from the MobileFirst Operations Console or directly from npm. The CLI is provided as an npm (Node Package Manager) package, and we use the npm install command to install it.

Note: We can also download the compressed (.zip) file packages from JazzHub. Click the link that starts with from the npm page at the following URL: to go directly to the JazzHub web page for the CLI.


We can install the CLI in two main ways: from the MobileFirst Operations Console or from npm.


The MobileFirst Platform CLI is installed.

What to do next

Define which MobileFirst Server you want to be the default, if you do not want to use the factory default of http://localhost:9080. For more information, see Defining the target server of the MobileFirst Platform CLI.

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