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Configure runtime adapter security-check properties

Learn how to configure adapter security-check properties for a specific MobileFirst Server instance.


The definition of a custom security check exposes zero or more configuration properties, and defines their default values. We can see the security-check definitions of an adapter that is deployed to MobileFirst Server in the server's copy of the adapter-descriptor XML file. See Defining security checks. The security-check configuration that is set in the definition applies to all instances of MobileFirst Server to which you deploy the adapter that defines the security check. Follow the outlined procedure to dynamically customize the security-check configuration for a specific instance of MobileFirst Server, without changing the original security-check definition, or having to redeploy the adapter.

Note: Runtime adapter customizations of the security-check configuration properties are defined in the adapter runtime-configuration JSON file.


Customize the adapter configuration of your selected security check for a specific instance of MobileFirst Server by using one of the following methods:


After completing the configuration changes, we can see your defined property values in the console, both in the adapter Security Checks page and in the Adapter Runtime-Configuration JSON File section on the adapter Configuration Files page.
If you select to customize the configuration of the same security check for a specific application, the console displays your customized property values as the default values for the application configuration. See Configuring application security-check properties.

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