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Registering web applications from the MobileFirst Platform CLI

We can use the IBM MobileFirstâ„¢ Platform Command Line Interface (CLI) to register your web application to an instance MobileFirst Server.

Before you begin


From the command line, run one of the following MobileFirst Platform CLI command variations to register your application to an instance of MobileFirst Server:


When the application is successfully registered to the target server, we can select it from the Applications section in the navigation sidebar of the IBM MobileFirst Platform Operations Console (under Versions or Web). The main application page displays different server-side configuration options for your application.

In the application Configuration Files console tab, we can see the content of the application's descriptor and runtime configuration files. The value of the applicationId in the application descriptor is the application ID that you specified when you registered the application.

Note: We cannot have multiple versions of the same web application. Therefore, the applicationKey object of the application descriptor does not contain a version property.

What to do next

We can proceed with other development tasks that depend on MobileFirst Server, such as making server-side configurations, testing the application's security features, and managing the application from the MobileFirst Operations Console.

Make sure to initialize the SDK from your application before calling any SDK APIs other than the initialization method. For more information, see Initializing the MobileFirst SDK.

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