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Registering Javadocs to an Android Studio Gradle project

Before you begin

This task is necessary after you have installed the MobileFirst SDK using Gradle.


The MobileFirst Android Javadocs are included in the *.aar files imported by Gradle. However you need to link them to their relevant library in Android Studio.


  1. In Android Studio make sure you are in the Project view, accessible from the pull-down menu above the navigation bar:

    Android Studio project view

    1. Find the library name under the External Libraries node (the Javadoc file appears below it).

      Android Studio Library Properties

    2. Right-click on the library name . Choose Library Properties.
  2. From the Library Properties dialog select the Green plus sign.
    1. Navigate to the downloaded Javadoc JAR file (ibmmobilefirstplatformfoundation-javadoc.jar) under ..\app\build\intermediates\exploded-aar\ibmmobilefirstplatformfoundation\jars\assets\ and select it.

      Choose jar file

    2. Click OK.


The Javadocs will now be available within your project.

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