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Run MobileFirst Studio plug-in commands in Eclipse

After you integrate the IBM MobileFirstâ„¢ Studio plug-in into your Eclipse development environment, we can run extra IBM MobileFirst Platform Foundation commands on your Cordova projects from within your Eclipse development environment.

Before you begin

Be sure that you have the following prerequisites before you start the procedure:

Important: To use this function, we must have installed the IBM MobileFirst Studio plug-in as explained in Integrating the MobileFirst Studio plug-in to manage a Cordova project in Eclipse.


The IBM MobileFirst Studio plug-in commands that you run in Eclipse automatically run on the default server that is specified in your IBM MobileFirst Platform Command Line Interface (CLI) server settings. The default target server is the local server at: http://localhost:9080/mfpadmin. We can change the default server setting by using your IBM MobileFirst Platform Command Line Interface (CLI). For more information about how to define servers, see Defining the target server of the MobileFirst Platform CLI.

To run an IBM MobileFirst Studio plug-in command from the Eclipse menu, complete the following steps:


  1. Right-click the name of your Cordova project in your Eclipse navigation pane.
  2. Select the IBM MobileFirst Studio plug-ins menu.
  3. Select the command that we want to run from the following options:

    Table 1. Commands that are available with the IBM MobileFirst Studio plug-in
    IBM MobileFirst Studio plug-in menu option Action IBM MobileFirst Platform Command Line Interface (CLI) equivalent

    Tip: For more information about each of these commands, enter the specified command on the command line and add help after mfpdev.

    Open server console When the server definition exists, opens the console so you can view the actions of the specified server. mfpdev server console
    Preview app Opens the app in the mobile browser (MBS) preview mode. mfpdev app preview
    Register app Registers the app with the server that is specified in your server definitions. mfpdev app register
    Encrypt app Runs the web resource encryption tool on your app. mfpdev app webencrypt
    Pull app Retrieves the existing app configuration from the server that is specified in the server definition. mfpdev app pull
    Push app Sends the app configuration of your current app to the server that is specified in the build definition so we can reuse it for another app. mfpdev app push
    Update app Packages the contents of the www folder in a .zip file, and replaces the version on the server with the package. mfpdev app webupdate

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