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MobileFirst Java Token Validator

Use the MobileFirst Java™ Token Validator access-token validation module to protect resources on any external Java server.

MobileFirst Java Token Validator is provided as a Java library (mfp-java-token-validator-8.0.0.jar). The library exposes an API that encapsulates and simplifies the interaction with the authorization server's introspection endpoint. For a detailed API reference, see MobileFirst Java Token Validator API.

We can get a copy of the Java library Token Validator library by using any of the following methods:

For detailed information on how to install, configure, and use this validation module, see the Java Token Validator tutorial.

Note: To protect Java resources on WebSphere® Application Server or WebSphere Application Server Liberty servers, we can use the MobileFirst OAuth TAI filter, which uses the Java Token Validator validation module. See MobileFirst OAuth Trust Association Interceptor (TAI) for protecting resources on WebSphere Java servers.

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