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Prerequisite software for using the CLI

To use the IBM MobileFirstâ„¢ Platform Command Line Interface (CLI), you might need some additional software, depending on your development environment and application development goals.

We can obtain the IBM MobileFirst Platform Command Line Interface (CLI) in two ways:

Software required for downloading the CLI from npm

Node Package Manager, or npm, is a public software repository. The MobileFirst Platform CLI is hosted on JazzHub and npm.

You must install Node.js to be able to download the CLI from npm. For information about installing Node.js, see the Node js web site.

Software required for adapter development

We can create, build, and deploy adapters with the CLI. If you plan to develop adapters, you also need to download and install Maven and put the Maven executable in your system path. For instructions for installing Maven, see Installing Apache Maven. For more information about MobileFirst adapters, see the Overview of adapters.

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