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Cordova plug-ins for MobileFirst features

To add MobileFirst functionality to our app, we use Cordova plug-ins that contain MobileFirst features.

The Cordova plug-ins for IBM MobileFirstâ„¢ Platform Foundation provide MobileFirst functions such as support for adapters, security, monitoring, and server access for Cordova apps that were initially created with non-IBM MobileFirst Platform Foundation tools.

The plug-ins are included with the IBM MobileFirst Platform Foundation Developer Kit, or we can download the latest versions from npm and JazzHub. You download and install these hosted plug-ins by using third party tools, such as the Cordova CLI or Ionic Framework CLI.

The following plug-ins are available:

The cordova-plugin-mfp plug-in contains the core MobileFirst functions and is required. If you install either the cordova-plugin-mfp-push plug-in or the cordova-plugin-mfp-jsonstore plug-in, the cordova-plugin-mfp is automatically installed.

The cordova-plugin-mfp-jsonstore plug-in enables your app to use JSONstore. For more information on JSONstore, see JSONStore overview.

The cordova-plugin-mfp-push plug-in provides permissions needed to use push notification from the MobileFirst Server for Android and iOS apps. For more information about push notification, see Push notification.

The cordova-plugin-mfp-fips plug-in provides FIPS 140-2 support for Android platforms. For more information, see FIPS 140-2 support .

The cordova-plugin-mfp-encrypt-utils plug-in provides iOS OpenSSL frameworks for encryption for Cordova applications with the iOS platform. For more information, see Enabling OpenSSL for Cordova iOS.

Known limitation for Cordova application loaded with cordova-plugin-mfp: cordova-plugin-statusbar will not work with Cordova application loaded with cordova-plugin-mfp. For more information about the limitation and steps to circumvent it, see cordova-plugin-statusbar does not work with Cordova application loaded with cordova-plugin-mfp..

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