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Developing Cordova apps for Android

The Cordova app can run on the Android platform. Once the app is initiated using the native code of the Android OS, the WebView is loaded and the MobileFirst integration is accessed through the JavaScript API.

The MobileFirst integration allows you to build a Cordova app that uses the Cordova API and custom plug-ins (see Creating a new Cordova app without the MobileFirst template). The resulting app includes a seamless integration and we can develop the WebView in various IDEs that support JavaScript (see Editing WebView (JavaScript) code). Or we can view your project setup in Android Studio and customize the setup, add splash screens, configure the app or use the emulators to view the app.

Cordova offers a default WebView for JavaScript development or the Crosswalk WebView based on the Chrome browser. After you apply the Crosswalk plug-in to our Cordova app (see Crosswalk WebView (Android)) the Crosswalk WebView is used without requiring any further configuration.

The following topics show briefly the Cordova app setup for Android.

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