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Adapters in IBM MobileFirstâ„¢ Platform Foundation securely connect your back-end systems to client applications and cloud services.

We can write adapters in either JavaScript or Javaâ„¢, and we can build and deploy adapters as Maven projects. Adapters are deployed to a MobileFirst runtime in MobileFirst Server.

In a production system, adapters typically run in a cluster of application servers. Implement your adapters as REST services with no session information and stored locally on the server to ensure that your adapter works well in a clustered environment.

An adapter can have user-defined properties. These properties can be configured on the server side without redeploying the adapter. For example, we can change the URL that your adapter uses to access resources when you move from test to production.

We can deploy an adapter to a MobileFirst runtime from the MobileFirst Operations Console, by using the mfpdev adapter deploy command, or directly from Maven.

For more information about adapters, see Adapters overview.

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