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Class ibmmfpfanalytics



The IBM® MobileFirst® web analytics client API provides the ability to enable, disable and log custom events, and to send them to the MobileFirst server.

The data collected via this API is then available in the IBM MobileFirst Analytics Console (Apps -> Client Log Search).

The user calls the send method in order to deliver the analytics to the server. In case of an unhandled JavaScript error, analytics data is sent automatically.

ibmmfpfanalytics is implemented as UMD JavaScript module. This means it can be consumed as a separate AMD module with require.js, or used under the global context.


Usage as AMD module, with 'define': define([ 'ibmmfpfanalytics' ], function(ibmmfpfanalytics){ ibmmfpfanalytics.send(); } );

Usage with global context: