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Logger SDK

Learn about the Logger SDK.

It is often difficult to reproduce problems that might occur in the field. Replicating the exact environment and device can be troublesome in these situations. It is helpful to be able to retrieve debug logs from client devices as the problems occur in the environment in which they happen. The MobileFirst client-side Logger API allows developers to instrument their code at varying verbosities. These logs then can be captured, and sent to the MobileFirst Analytics Console for further inspection.

From the client we can send logger requests to the MobileFirst Analytics Server at any logging level. However, the server configuration controls what level of logging requests are allowed. Requests sent below this threshold are ignored.

Logging levels need to be controlled to balance two needs: the need to collect information and the need to limit the quantity of data to fit limited storage ability.

Note: For the web API the browser's local storage significantly limits the amount of logs that can be stored before sending to the server. Therefore the developer must either limit the amount of data sent to the logger, or send smaller data to the server more frequently.

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