Plan an IBM MQ architecture

When planning the IBM MQ environment, consider the support that IBM MQ provides for single and multiple queue manager architectures, and for point-to-point and publish/subscribe messaging styles. Also plan your resource requirements, and your use of logging and backup facilities.

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Before starting, Review basic IBM MQ concepts.

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  • IBM MQ release types
    From IBM MQ Version 9.0 there are two types of release; a Long Term Support (LTS) release and Continuous Delivery (CD) release. The aim of the two release types is to meet the requirement for delivery of new and enhanced IBM MQ functions as rapidly as possible in the next CD release, while at the same time maintaining a stable long term support release for systems that need a long term deployment of IBM MQ, and for customers who prefer this traditional option.

  • IBM MQ and IBM MQ Appliance on premises considerations for GDPR readiness

  • Plan storage and performance requirements on Multiplatforms
    We must set realistic and achievable storage, and performance goals for the IBM MQ system. Use the links to find out about factors that affect storage and performance on the platform.

  • Plan the IBM MQ client environment on HP Integrity NonStop Server
    When planning the environment in which the IBM MQ client for HP Integrity NonStop Server runs, we must consider the HP Integrity NonStop Server environment, and HP NonStop TMF.

  • Plan the IBM MQ environment on z/OS
    When planning the IBM MQ environment, we must consider the resource requirements for data sets, page sets, Db2, Coupling Facilities, and the need for logging, and backup facilities. Use this topic to plan the environment where IBM MQ runs.

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