Search accessibility features 

Use the keyboard shortcuts available for search to navigate the Advanced Search and the Search Results pages.

Keyboard navigation for Search

In Microsoft™ Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox, press Alt+Shift to activate the access key. For example, pressing Alt+Shift+A skips the focus to the Activities tab when you are on the Search Results page.

To access the Advanced Search page, use the following keyboard shortcuts:

  1. Focus on the Search menu by navigating to it using the Tab key, or by using virtual PC cursor mode.

  2. Press Enter to open the Search menu.

      Note: JAWS users must turn off virtual PC cursor mode to activate the Search menu.

  3. Use the Down Arrow to navigate to the Advanced option.

  4. Press Enter to select the Advanced option.

To submit a search on the Advanced Search page, ensure that the focus is on the Search button and press Enter.

Use the keyboard shortcuts listed in the following table to navigate and work with your search results.

Table 1. Keyboard shortcuts for navigating the Search Results page

Action Keyboard shortcut
Skip to the Activities tab. A
Skip to the Blogs tab. B
Skip to the Communities tab. C
Skip to the Bookmarks tab. D
Skip to the Files tab. F
Skip to the Forums tab. G
Skip to the All areas tab. N
Skip to the Profiles tab. P
Skip to the Wikis tab. W
Select a search result (the focus must be on the search result). Enter

To use the Tags slider or People slider, skip the focus to the slider and press the Left Arrow and Right Arrow keys to adjust the size of the display.