Retrieve an activity member programmatically 

To retrieve a member from the access control list for a application, use the edit link found in the member entry in the ACL list feed.

You can use this operation to obtain member entry information that you want to preserve prior to performing an update. See Update members for more information.

See Authenticating requests for information about how to authenticate the request.

Table 1. Atom API request details

Method Resource URI Output representation
GET member

  • web address returned in the HTTP location header when the member entry was created.

  • Value of the href attribute of the <link> element with the rel="edit" attribute value for each acl node entry in the acl list feed.





An Atom entry document containing the member entry.

Returned HTTP headers

HTTP/1.1 200 OK

Content-Type: application/atom+xml

Error codes

For example, to retrieve the member list for a community activity, send the following HTTP request:

GET /activities/service/atom2/acl?activityUuid=2BAG09219577CC61C9E87FD303AF3F0001B&
 memberid=88CG09219577CC61C9E87FD303AF3F00001A HTTP/1.1
 Authorization: Basic xxx
 Accept: */*

The following content is returned by the server:

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