Restore a file from the trash 

Restore a file to a document library from the trash.

You must authenticate this request. The requestor must have permission to restore the specified file.

Table 1. Atom API request details

Method URI Output representation Description
PUT /basic/api/userlibrary/{userid}/recyclebin/{document-id}/entry file Atom document Restore a file from the specified person's recycle bin.
PUT /basic/api/myuserlibrary/recyclebin/{document-id}/entry file Atom document Restore a file from your recycle bin.

You can use this input parameter with the PUT request.

Table 2. Input parameters

Parameter Description
undelete Specifies whether to restore the file to its original location. This parameter takes a Boolean value of either true or false. If you specify true, the file is restored. If you specify false, no action is performed. The default value is false.




An updated file Atom entry document.

Returned HTTP Headers

HTTP/1.1 204 No Content

Error codes

Parent topic

Work with files in the trash