Restore a Community Blogs widget 

If the Communities server crashes, use this command to restore the Blogs widget.

Before you begin

To edit configuration files, use the wsadmin client. See Administer Blogs using the wsadmin Client for details.

About this task

Use this command to restore a Blogs widget and its content after a Communities server crash.


  1. Open a command window and start the wsadmin command line tool. See Starting the wsadmin client for more details.

      Note: In clusters, when you run the command from the deployment manager the path and file are created on the server running Blogs. In clusters where multiple nodes are running Blogs, you are asked choose a server to connect to and run the command on, and then the path and file are created on that server.

  2. Start the Blogs Jython script interpreter by entering the following command:

    • Single server:


    • Cluster:


  3. Use the following command to identify the Blogs widget file:

      BlogsAdminService.exportSyncedResourceInfo(FullFilePath, ContainerType)

        The FullFilePath is the absolute path to the file name. For example, "c:/output.xml". Notice the forward slash.

        ContainerType only supports type "community"

      For example, output may look like this:

      <snx:feed xmlns:snx="" snx:remoteAppDefId="Blog" 
                  snx:objectIdentifyingIdName="BlogUuid" snx:objectIdentifyingTermName="Blog Name">
        <snx:resource type="community" id="72a57bd0-ae9b-4d23-a511-b21b1b06359f">
          <snx:property name="communityType">publicInviteOnly</snx:property>
        <snx:resource type="community" id="67810d57-6c00-403d-9385-81d0f0d1cfa7">
          <snx:property name="communityType">public</snx:property>
        <snx:resource type="community" id="7409e731-6c48-4a84-b162-8f65ff3e6dfb">
          <snx:property name="communityType">private</snx:property>

  4. Use the following command to remove any orphaned data following the restore process:

      BlogswAdminService.deleteweblog(weblogId) weblogId = blog uuid

        The blog UUID is the snx:objectIdentifyingId in the exported synced resource information xml file.

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