Resolving a problem 

Follow these steps to troubleshoot the problem without using the IBM Support Assistant.

Before you begin

Use this procedure if you do not want to download and install the IBM Support Assistant. The IBM Support Assistant automates the process of running traces and collecting the necessary data from your system. Though it takes time to download and install the tool initially, it makes the data collection process easier.

About this task

To resolve the problem without using the IBM Support Assistant...


  1. To find out more about the cause of the problem, look up the error message being generated in the Error messages topic.

  2. If the error message definition does not help you to resolve the issue, collect system data to send to IBM Support. See Collecting data for more details.

      IBM Connections log file
      IBM Connections writes messages to the SystemOut.log file. Refer to this file if you encounter errors after installing an IBM Connections application or if you encounter unexpected behavior in an application.

      Error codes
      Use the codes included in the error messages generated by IBM Connections to identify problems and find their solutions.

      Troubleshooting a database connection
      A faulty JDBC driver or data source can prevent you from accessing an IBM Connections application. To troubleshoot and correct these problems, test the database connections.

      Validating Search seedlists
      If you experience problems when indexing, you can validate Search seedlists to help you identify the source of the problem. You can validate Search seedlists using the browser or the wsadmin client.

      Troubleshooting inter-server communication
      If you are having problems establishing communication between servers in your deployment, this might be because a server's URL is not configured correctly in the LotusConnections-config.xml file.

      Troubleshooting Search-related memory issues
      You can configure settings in the LotusConnections-config.xml file to avoid out-of-memory issues or other problems caused by long response times from the Search application.

      Troubleshooting the product help
      Find out how to resolve problems accessing the product help. The product help is what is displayed in a separate window when you click the Help link from the product header.

      Troubleshooting virus scanning
      Find out some of the common causes for scanning-related error messages.

      Troubleshooting network shares on Windows 2003
      Windows™ 2003 returns network errors when accessing shared content.

      Rebuilding the look-aside indexes
      In the event that the look-aside indexes do not get rebuilt or are not synchronized correctly, you can use the ProfilesService.rebuildLookAsideIndexes() command to explicitly rebuild them.

      Troubleshooting problems with Tivoli Directory Integrator
      If you experience problems when using IBM Tivoli Directory Integrator to work with Profiles data, explore the different trace areas available for Profiles to find information that might help to identify and resolve the problem.

      Troubleshooting user data propagation
      If you experience problems related to user data propagation, enable traces in the IBM WAS so that you can access detailed information about the processes involved in propagating updates. You can use this information to help you verify if the processes are working as expected.

      Collecting data
      Sometimes you cannot solve a problem by troubleshooting the symptoms. In such cases, you need to collect diagnostic data.

      Verifying email digests
      You can verify that your email digests are working correctly by logging in to IBM Connections and accessing specific URLs to trigger the email digests to be sent.

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