Replacing URLs in Blogs 

Run a command to replace URLs in your Blogs deployment to correct broken links.

Before you begin


To edit configuration files, use the wsadmin client. See Starting the wsadmin client for details.

About this task

There are cases where a collection of URLs in a Blogs deployment will break. For example, if a user changes from one deployment to another and the host name changes from to, all the URLs that use the form will break. Use this command to update URLs in the following places:


  1. Start the wsadmin client following the steps in Administer Blogs using the wsadmin Client.

  2. Start the Blogs Jython script interpreter by entering the following command:


  3. Run the following command to fix broken URLs in entries and comments:

      BlogsAdminService.fixBrokenUrls(<replacePattern>, <replaceValue>)

      where <replacePattern> is the pattern of the part of the URLs that need to be replaced, and where<replaceValue> is the string to correct the URLs.

      For example:

       BlogsAdminService.fixBrokenUrls("", "")

      changes URLs with the form to

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Administer Blogs using the wsadmin Client