Remove inappropriate content 

Content management commands are used to update inappropriate information stored in the Profiles database, such as text displayed in the About Me and Background fields of the Profiles user interface. These administrative commands can also be used to delete inappropriate photos from the database. No file checkout or server restart is required when using the commands.

Before you begin

To access configuration files, use the wsadmin client. See Starting the wsadmin client for information about how to start the wsadmin command-line tool.

About this task

Profiles provides a number of administrative commands that allow you to remove offensive or unwanted content from the database.


To update or delete content in the Profiles database...

  1. From the dmgr host:

      cd $DMGR_PROFILE/bin
      ./ -jython

      If prompted to specify a service to connect to, type 1 to pick the first node in the list. Most commands can run on any node. If the command writes or reads information to or from a file using a local file path, pick the node where the file is stored.

  • Use the following commands to remove or replace inappropriate or unwanted content from the Profiles database.

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