Regenerating web server plugins 

After remapping new applications in IBM Connections 3.0.1, regenerate the plugins on the web server.

Before you begin

Ensure that you have remapped the applications.

About this task

To regenerate the web server plugins...


  1. Log in to the WAS Integrated Solutions Console on the dmgr.

  2. From the WAS admin console, select Servers -> Server Types -> Web servers and then click the web server (webserver1).

  3. Click Generate Plug-in.

  4. Click your web server again and then click Propagate Plug-in.

      Note: If you have trouble propagating the plug-in on Linux™, restart the IBM HTTP Server using the following commands:

       ./adminctl start
       ./apachectl -k stop
       ./apachectl -k start

  5. (Communities only) Select Environment -> Update global Web Server plug-in configuration and then click OK to update the plug-in.

  6. Stop and restart the web server.

  7. Restart the servers for IBM Connections applications:

    1. From the WAS admin console, select Applications -> Application Types -> WebSphere enterprise applications.

    2. Select the check box beside each application that you want to restart.

    3. Click Stop.

    4. Select the same check boxes again and then click Start.

  8. Log out of the WAS admin console.

  9. Test the mappings: open a web browser and try to access each of the applications by specifying the web address using the following syntax:


      where <hostname> is the host name of the web server to which you mapped the application and <application_name> is the name of the application. Do not specify the port number.


You can access each application without needing to specify a port number.

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