Recommending an entry 

When you find an entry of particular interest, you can recommend it to others.

About this task

Recommending an entry means that the entry will have more relative importance when the entries are sorted by recommendations. You can keep track of entries that you recommend from your My Updates page. You can also recommend comments.


  1. Click the name of an entry that you want to recommend.

  2. Click the star icon after the entry.

What to do next

A recommended entry is indicated with a star icon and a subscript number that indicates the number of recommendations for the entry. You can click the icon to see who has recommended the entry. Entries that have received the most recommendations in the last 30 days display in a Most Recommended area on the Blogs Home page. Most recommended entries display at the top of the list when blog entries are sorted by Recommendation. You can also click My Recommendations to view entries that are of particular interest to you.

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