Profiles widgets 

The following table lists the widgets that are available for the Profiles application.

You can edit, enable or disable, and change the location of the following Profiles widgets by configuring settings in the widgets-config.xml file. For more information, see Manage widgets in Profiles.

Table 1. Profiles widgets

User interface element Widget defIdRef Description
Organization Tags widget commonTags Displays the tags for the entire organization.
Do You Know widget sand_DYK Recommends people for users to add to their network.
Tags widget socialTags Displays the tags associated with a specific profile.
Things in Common widget sand_thingsInCommon Displays a list of the things that a user has in common with another user.
Tabs widget multiWidget Displays the tabs in the center section of the profile view page. By default, this tabbed section displays the following widgets:

  • The Board

  • Contact Information

  • Background

  • Recent Posts

You can include additional widgets as part of the Tabs widget if required.

The Board widget board Displays the latest updates to the profile owner's status message, and messages or comments that other users have posted.
Contact Information widget contactInfo Displays the profile owner's contact information, such as name, job title, company, location, telephone numbers, and email addresses.
Background widget backgroundInfo Displays the profile owner's background information, such as work experience, technical skills, languages spoken, interests, past work experience, and education.
Recent Posts widget multiFeedReader Displays a feed of the latest updates that the profile owner has made in IBM Connections, and updates from content that the profile owner is a member of, such as communities and wikis. The widget only displays content that is publicly accessible.
Who Connects Us widget sand_socialPath Displays the social path that links two users in IBM Connections.
Report-to Chain widget reportStructure Displays the profile owner's position in the organization.
Network widget friends Displays a selection of the people in the profile owner's network.
My Links widget linkRoll Displays a list of external links that the profile owner has included as part of their profile.

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