Profiles tags category document 

The category document identifies the tags that have been assigned to particular items, such as blog posts or community entries. Tags are single-word keywords that categorize a posting or entry. A tag classifies the information in the posting or entry to make it easier to find the content later. The format of the tags document is an Atom publishing protocol (APP) categories document.

All elements are in the namespace, except those that are prefixed as follows:



Table 1. Child element of the <app:categories> element

Element Description
<atom:category> Describes a tag. The attributes of this element are described in Table 2.

Table 2. The <atom:category> element

Attribute Description
term The tag.
snx:frequency The number of posts or entries to which the tag has been assigned.

Profiles extensions

The following elements are supported specifically for the Profiles application in addition to the common elements defined in the tables above. The Profiles application supports the use of profile tags which are keywords that categorize a person. A profile tag can identify a person's expertise or interests and can be used to search for users who share those interests.

Table 3. The <atom:contributor> element

Attribute How treated on input Description
snx:profileKey Ignored The unique ID assigned to the contributor by the Profiles application.

Table 4. Child elements of the <atom:contributor> element

Element How treated on input Description
<atom:name> Ignored The name of the person who last modified the tag.
<atom:email> Ignored The email address of the person who last modified the tag. Do not use this element if IBM Connections is configured to prevent email addresses from being displayed. Use the <snx:userid> element instead.
<snx:userid> Ignored The user ID of the person who last modified the tag.
<snx:userStatus> Ignored Identifies whether the person is an active or inactive user.

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