Profiles directory search attributes 

Use the attributes listed in the following table to specify which full search options display when users search the directory in Profiles.

When configuring advanced search, you can only use the predefined attributes listed below or custom extension attributes that you have defined for Profiles. Adding any other attributes results in search not functioning correctly.

Table 1. Directory search attributes

Attribute name Description
alternateLastname Alternative family name
background Background information
bldgId Building ID
blogUrl Blog web address
calendarUrl Calendar web address
countryCode Country code
countryDisplayValue Country name
departmentTitle Department name
deptNumber Department number
displayName Employee name
email Office email address
employeeNumber Employee number
employeeTypeDesc Employee type
employeeTypeCode Employee number
experience Background
faxNumber Fax number
floor Floor number
freeBusyUrl Free or busy time web link
givenName First name
groupwareEmail Alternate email address
ipTelephoneNumber IP telephony number
isManager Is a manager
jobResp Job title
managerUid Manager number
managerUserid Manager user ID
mobileNumber Mobile phone number
nativeFirstName Native given name
nativeLastName Native family name
officeName Office
organizationTitle Organization
pagerId Pager ID
pagerNumber Pager number
pagerServiceProvider Pager service provider
pagerType Pager type
preferredFirstName Preferred given name
preferredLanguage Preferred language
preferredLastName Preferred family name
profileTag Profile tag
secretaryName Assistant's name
secretaryUid Assistant's number
secretaryUserid Assistant's user ID
surname Last name
telephoneNumber Office telephone number
workLocation.address1 Address 1
workLocation.address2 Address 2 City
workLocation.state State

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