Profiles comment content 

Lists the elements in the Atom entry document of a comment posted as a response to a status message or a message posted to the Profiles message board.

All elements are in the namespace, except those that are prefixed as follows:


Table 1. Comment entry elements

Element How treated on input Description
<id> Ignored Unique identifier of a comment posted to a status message or a message on the message board.
<title type="text"> Ignored Entry title.
<category scheme="" term="comment"/> Required Identifies the item as a comment.
<category scheme="" term="simpleComment"/> Required Identifies the type of comment.
<link rel="self" type="application/atom+xml" href="url"> Ignored Use the web address in the href attribute to return a complete representation of this comment entry.
<thr:in-reply-to type="application/atom+xml" ref="parent entryID" href="url" > Ignored Specifies the entry ID of the message to which this comment is posted.
<summary type="text"> Ignored A summary text description of this comment.
<content type="text"> Required
<updated> Ignored The date this entry was updated, as defined in the Atom specification.
<published> Ignored The date this entry was created, as defined in the Atom specification.
<author> Ignored The person who created the entry.

Ignored The person who updated the entry. Provide either an <email> element or <snx:userid> element on input. If IBM Connections is configured to prevent email addresses from being displayed, then the <email> element is not supported; provide the <snx:userid> instead. Otherwise, <email> can be used. The <name> element is not required. The <snx:userid> element identifies whether the person is an active or inactive user.

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