Profile entry content 

Lists the elements in an profile Atom entry.

All elements are in the namespace, except those that are prefixed as follows:



Table 1. Profile entry elements

Element How treated on input Description
<id> Ignored Unique identifier of a profile.
<title type="text"> Ignored Entry title; the name of the user this profile represents specified in text format. The type attribute is optional; type="text" is the default and only format allowed.
<category scheme="" term="profile"/> Required Identifies a profile entry.
<category term=" tag_word"/> Optional Repeat for each profile tag.
<link rel="related" type="text/html" href=" html_view"> Ignored A link to an HTML formatted view of this profile.
<link rel="alternate" type="text/directory" href="vcard_view"> Ignored A link to a VCard-formatted view of the profile. For more information on VCard, go to the following external web site:
<link rel="self" type="application/atom+xml" href="vcard_url"> Ignored As defined in the Atom specification.
<link rel="edit" type="application/atom+xml" href="vcard_url"> Ignored Specifies a URI from which you can retrieve the full content of the profile, as opposed to a summary. Use this URI to retrieve or update a profile entry.
<div class="x-profile-key"> Ignored The value of this element is a unique ID generated by Profiles to identify a person. You can use this key to retrieve a person's photo, pronunciation file, and more.
<div class="x-extension-property"> Ignored This element contains Profiles extension properties. It appears once for each extension defined by the Profiles administrator. See Work with profile extensions for information about how to update these values.
<summary type="text"> Ignored A summary text description of this profile, such as "Profile information for Samantha Daryn."
<content type="type"> Required When type="xhtml", this element contains a HCARD formatted representation of this profile. When type="text", this element contains a VCARD representation of this profile. Onlytype="text" is supported for input.
<updated> Ignored The date this entry was updated, as defined in the Atom specification.

Ignored Provides general member information for the profile including userid and user state, which identifies whether the person is an active or inactive user. The data in the <contributor> element is ignored for update actions.

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